Extreme Supernova

It’s official. Coming in 2014, The Great Escape will introduce a high- flying, spinning adventure. The all-new Extreme Supernova will lift riders up 50 feet in the air and spin them head-over-heels for a wild, adrenaline-packed adventure. Supernova will feature impressive heights, astonishing speeds, heart-racing swings, unpredictable spins, and stomach-tightening flips. This new attraction will provide an adrenaline rush like no other and you won’t be able to tell which way is up in this giant pendulum.

You’ll take a seat with 15 other bold riders and load into the giant pendulum-shaped structure. Suspended from the axis above, you’ll face outward as the floor drops from below you. You’ll first complete several back and forth swings, high and low, elevating up near-vertically before flying through to the other side. The thrill ride plays on your anticipation as you wait for the next pivot that will spin you almost upside down in a gut-wrenching inverted spin. The Extreme Supernova offers fantastic inverted views of the park and Splashwater Kingdom as you hang up in the air and twist nearly upside down.

While the giant arm sways you, you’ll also be spinning in circles simultaneously, twisting around and around until you can’t see straight. The constant swinging and whirling will deliver maximum G-forces, high-flying sensations, and extreme dizziness.

The Extreme Supernova is set to debut in spring 2014 and will sit next to The Comet. Are you ready to take on this all-new spinning ride?

Video of Extreme Supernova

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