Advice for Families with Young Children

Guests offer tips so all ages can have a good time at the park

Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the place to bring your entire family. Parents with young children need to make sure they keep their kids happy during their time at the park. We asked our guests for advice so both parents and their children can have fun at Six Flags. Here’s what they said.

Our guests explain that there are plenty of rides and activities for your little one to enjoy. Patti S. from Payson suggests, “Take them to the area for young kids so they enjoy it and do not get scared.” Martha G. from Los Angeles says, “The little kids area with all the characters is great,” and Heather A. from Oakley recommends, “Definitely take them on the carousel.” You’re all right! Our youngest guests will enjoy the gentle rides in Bugs Bunny World, like Elmer’s Weather Balloons, Merrie Melodies Carousel, or Tweety’s Escape. You can also head to Whistlestop Park for a quiet train ride to unwind from the hustle and bustle. Shows are also always good since there are no height restrictions, and children will enjoy partying with their Looney Tunes pals and meeting their favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE Super Heroes.

As Bryanna Q. from Phoenix explains, the kids’ area of the park isn’t just for children. She says, “Get on the rides with your kids… they are fun and bring back the young in you!” Great idea for family fun, Bryanna! However, if you want to take on Apocalypse, speed down Goliath, or fly on Tatsu, we recommend leaving another responsible adult in your party with your child while you ride. During the next round, the other person can ride while you watch the child. That way, you can still enjoy all your favorite rides at the park.

Some guests offer advice about how to keep your child comfortable during the day. Donna D. from Bakerfield says “wear comfortable shoes.” Sylvia R. from Fresno advises, “Take extra clothes, umbrellas or hats, sunscreen…” If you prefer to bring these necessities but keep your hands free during the day, locker rentals are available behind Guest Relations. You should always designate a meeting spot and show your child our Guest Relations in case your party gets separated. You can also request a wristband for your child from Guest Relations to write your phone number and information. Susan P. from Lakewood also offers a tip to make the day enjoyable: “Arrive when the park opens so the kids are refreshed and ready for a day of fun.” Great idea, Susan!

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