BATMAN The Ride and Colossus: Backwards

Blast backwards this spring for all-new ride experiences

Six Flags Magic Mountain will give you two new coaster experiences. This spring, BATMAN™ The Ride and Colossus will be flipped around to face the opposite direction.

Our suspended looping coaster, BATMAN The Ride, will be more intense than ever before as you twist BACKWARDS through spirals and loops. The ride experience will feel completely different as you soar into the unknown at 50 miles per hour. Tackle a 105-foot lift and soar through five stomach-flipping inversions—including hairpin turns, two vertical loops, a zero-g roll heartline spin, and dizzying corkscrews—with your feet dangling below all while going backwards. Your anticipation, adrenaline, and fear will be magnified when you will only be able to see where you’ve been—not where you’re going.

BATMAN The Ride backwards is set to debut on March 22, but only Season Pass Holders can be the first to experience it with a special sneak peek. Flash your Season Pass to enjoy a just-for-passholders exclusive on March 8, 9, 15, and 16. (Due to maintenance and other circumstances, the sneak preview may be delayed, canceled, or rescheduled.)

Additionally, we’re flipping the cars around to run Colossus in reverse. This experience is usually reserved for Fright Fest, but we’re expanding the backwards thrills this spring. You’ll race around 4,325 feet of wooden track at 62 miles per hour while facing the opposite direction. As you elevate up the 100-foot-tall lift hill, you’ll be staring right back down at the ground you just traveled and plunge down the drop when you least expect it. By the time you can see that steep turn, you’ll already have coiled around it. And you’ll climb up and drop down 14 hills and a triple jump before you can even prepare for what’s ahead.

Don’t miss these exclusive backwards thrills for a limited time this Spring!

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