How to Celebrate July 4 at Six Flags Over Georgia

Tips to enjoy your holiday at the park

Six Flags Over Georgia is a great place to spend time with your family and celebrate the 4th of July. The park will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. so you and your family can enjoy all our rides, shows, and attractions, as well as a fireworks display that evening. Here are some tips to have fun and enjoy your day at Six Flags Over Georgia.

1. Arrange a meeting spot
If everyone in your party separates to enjoy their favorite rides, find a good place to reconvene at the end of the day in time to watch our special fireworks show. Some easy-to-find locations at Six Flags Over Georgia include The Riverview Carousel, the fountain near the front gate, the entrance to SUPERMAN, and the Dare Devil Dive Stage.

2. Pick up a show schedule when you arrive so you don't miss any of our shows
Plan your day from the beginning so you can be sure you don’t miss any of our exciting shows. Catch a live performance by iLuminate, whom you first saw on America’s Got Talent, at the Crystal Pistol Music Hall. Or, party with Pop 40 as our talented singers and dancers perform music hits from the past four decades.

3. Eat at non-traditional lunch and dinner hours
Instead of standing over a grill for the holiday, enjoy your traditional all-American favorite foods at the park. Grab a flame-broiled burger at Dee Jay’s Diner or Johnny Rockets Express, a hot dog from Lickskillet Grill, and dessert from Hometown Funnel Cake. To avoid the mealtime rush, we also recommend eating lunch and dinner at non-traditional hours.

4. Be sure to cool off from the hot Georgia sun
You can purchase a souvenir cup to stay hydrated with free refills during the day. Also, hop on Thunder River or Splash Water Falls for a big splash early so you can stay cool all day, but be dry when it’s time to go home.

5. Enjoy your favorite ride
Show your patriotism and bravery by hopping on The Great American Scream Machine—once the tallest coaster in the world. Or go for a ride on our red and blue SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight. Whatever ride you choose, make sure you have a blast.

6. Watch the fireworks display
Six Flags Over Georgia will celebrate July 4 with a special patriotic fireworks display at dusk. The fireworks are shot off behind the SUPERMAN ride, so the best spot to view the show is in the Cotton States area.

One more tip: Arrive early so you have plenty of time to play! What will you be doing on July 4?

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