Last Chance to Ride Wheelie

Spinning gondola ride retiring at the end of the season

Wheelie is a ride that takes you for a spin. Your enclosed gondola will rotate horizontally, vertically, and upside down—sending your stomach into a whirlwind frenzy. Wheelie is going away at the end of the season to make room for the all-new SkyScreamer coming in 2013.

Wheelie was introduced to the park in 1977. It was originally painted white and located in the USA Section, behind where Goliath now stands. However, it was moved to its current location in Lickskillet in 1985, and painted bright red, black, and yellow to help it stand out and become a fan favorite.

The ride is a Schwarzkopf Enterprise flat ride. The rotating arms hold 21 gondola cars, which circle around the center pivot. First, the roof of the car opens and up to two riders can sit inside. There are no restraints, but your gondola is locked shut and closed on all sides to ensure safety. Riders begin spinning horizontally before they elevate up to a vertical position at an 89 degree angle. During the ride, your gondola car will be flipped upside down multiple times for all that dizzying excitement thrill seekers love.

How has Wheelie made an impact on park guests? Tom R. from Cleveland explains, “You get all the speed and excitement of going upside down while being securely strapped in.” Mark B. from Orlando adds, “It gives such a great feeling of flying as you go upside down, over and over. It’s also a very smooth ride,” and Renee M. from Woodstock agrees, “You feel like you are flying.” Karen H. from Monticello says, “I love the fast spinning motion.” Rae W. from Flowery Branch chimes in, “The Wheelie is so much better to ride at night with the lights flying by and the cool air, and you can just lean back and relax…” and Carla N. from Jackson tells us, “It’s been one of my favorite rides since I was a child!”

Although the classic Wheelie is retiring at the end of the season, it won’t be the last chance to get that high-flying feeling. The upcoming SkyScreamer will also give you an extreme sensation of flying as you soar up in the air. SkyScreamer will stand in Wheelie’s spot at a towering 24 stories high above the park. Instead of being trapped inside an enclosed gondola, you’ll be strapped into an open-air swing with your legs dangling and your hair blowing in the wind. The ride will swing you around a 98-foot circle as you elevate to the top of the tower and reach spinning speeds of 40 mph. SkyScreamer will be the tallest ride ever at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Don’t forget to take a spin on Wheelie one last time before we make way for the new!

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