Guest Survey: Roller Coasters

Results of a recent survey we conducted about coaster preferences
We recently asked Six Flags Over Georgia guests to tell us about their roller coaster preferences, including their favorite colors, themes, and even the sound they like to make as they fly through the air on any of the seven world-class roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Most important coaster attribute

For 58% of our guests, smoothness of the track is the #1 attribute they look for in a roller coaster experience, followed by speed (43%), the overall length of the experience (35%), and the steepness of the drops (28%). About 24% cared about how comfortable the seats were, and 18% were concerned about the position of the rider (sitting, standing, etc.). Surprisingly, only 9% are rated number of times the coaster went upside down as a key consideration, and only 16% said it was important whether the coaster was steel or wooden. Only 3% cared whether there was a good soundtrack playing in the background.

Speed goals

No roller coasters are too fast for our guests! A total 47% of Six Flags Over Georgia guests want to experience a roller coaster that takes them over 100 miles an hour, and 9% want to see what it would be like to fly the track at over 200 miles per hour. A small percentage (4%) even say that their dream roller coaster experience is one that takes them over 570 miles per hour – faster than a 747 jet.

The color of fun

Favorite colors for roller coasters are almost tied between black (26%), red (24%) and blue (18%). Less than 3% prefer white, and only 2% want to see a pink coaster. When we asked guests what sort of theme they’d like to see us introduce on a future roller coaster, 47% say they want to see a Six Flags Over Georgia coaster with a space adventure theme; 26% want us to make it like a videogame, and 14% want it to follow an animated cartoon storyline. Just 9% would like to see a new coaster with a western motif, and curiously enough, the remaining 5% want to see us create a coaster like a Shakespearian play.

Steel versus wooden

Steel coasters are preferred over wooden coasters by 93% of guests surveyed.   This might be motivated by the fact that 90% of our guests say they really like it when roller coasters fly them upside down.

From screams to silence

We asked our guests what they most liked to scream as they fly through the air on their favorite Six Flags Over Georgia coasters (which on our survey were Superman: Ultimate Flight, Batman: The Read, and Mind Bender). “Aaahhh!!!” is preferred by 13%, while 18% like to belt out a “Whoo hoo!” or a “Whoo!” Another 11% say they like to go with a more sophisticated “Yeahhh!!!,” and 12% like to play it cool by being totally and completely silent. But the most popular sounds – the one you are likely to hear from almost 18% of our roller coaster riders at Six Flags Over Georgia – is the happy, silly sound of hysterical laughter.

What do you think?