Advice for Parents with Young Kids

Guests offer tips so all ages can have a good time at the park

Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, Six Flags Over Texas is the place to bring your whole family. Parents with little children need to make sure they keep their kids safe and happy during their time at the park. We asked our guests for advice so both parents and their children can have fun at Six Flags. Here’s what they said.

Our guests explain that there are plenty of rides and activities for your little one to enjoy. Maria P. from Fort Worth says, “Looney Tunes Land, particularly the kid-sized roller coaster!” We agree, Maria—The Wile E. Coyote Grand Canyon Blaster is a great choice! Jeff S. from Arlington suggests, “Go straight to the kid section. They can spend the whole afternoon going back and forth to all the rides there. I’d also encourage the shows.” You’re right, Jeff! Looney Tunes USA is our kid-friendly area of the park, so our youngest visitors can enjoy gentle rides like Speedy Gonzales' Truckin’ Across America or Daffy Duck’s Capitol Tours. Shows are also good since there are no height restrictions, and children will enjoy dancing with the Looney Tunes gang, laughing and playing with our Aga-Boom clowns, and watching the colored figures burst into light during iLuminate.

Height restrictions help keep our riders safe, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t have a little fun themselves and enjoy the Titan, the New Texas Giant, and other big rides. We recommend taking advantage of our Parent Swap program—before you hop on a ride, one adult in your party will stay with the child while you ride. During the next round, the other person can ride while you stay with the child. That way, your child stays safe and you can still enjoy all your favorite rides at the park.

Some guests offer advice about how to keep your child comfortable during the day. Heather L. from Tulsa recommends, “Bring sunscreen and a fan that sprays water, and drink lots of water!” Michelle M. from Fort Worth adds, “Get there first thing in the morning… Don’t forget your umbrella stroller.” Stroller rental is also available to the left of the Entry Plaza. Michael S. from Winnsboro has an interesting idea: “Stay in a hotel close by so you can break up your day. Children have more fun when rested, and parents do, also.” What a good idea, Michael!

Our guests also explain the importance of planning your adventure. Connie P. from Carthage suggests “map out your visit, including bathroom stops and rest areas,” and Lindsay A. from Pflugerville says, “Get to the food lines before the lunch rush or you might have cranky kids on hand.” Rachel C. from Grapevine sums it up by saying, “Be patient and remember that you are there to have fun.” Well said, Rachel!

Do you have any advice for parents?

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