AQUAMAN Splashdown Turns 25

Wettest ride at Six Flags Over Texas celebrates its anniversary

AQUAMAN Splashdown is a summertime favorite at Six Flags Over Texas. The boat ride sends guests plunging into 250,000 gallons of refreshingly cool water, drenching riders from head to toe in the hot Texas heat. This year, AQUAMAN is making a splash of its own as it dives into 25 years of operation!

The ride, located in the USA section of the park, debuted at Six Flags Over Texas in 1987 under the name Splashwater Falls. It was manufactured by O.D. Hopkins Associates Inc. as a Shoot the Chutes ride. In 1995, when that park added in Adventure Theater and premiered the movie The Right Stuff, the area was re-themed and the wet boat ride was changed to Splashdown: Re-Entry Test Simulation. It was later renamed AQUAMAN Splashdown in 2007, named after the undersea superhero. During the ride, guests are hauled to the very top of a 50-foot hill and then are plunged down a relatively steep ramp at 30 mph into a large pool below.

If you don’t get soaked enough during the drop, you are guaranteed to get completely drenched by standing on the bridge after the ride. As the next load of riders splashes into the water, brace yourself for the heavy wave that flies over the bridge. On any day you’re sure to find guests of all ages hanging around the bridge, patiently waiting and anticipating their turn to get soaking wet.

AQUAMAN Splashdown has been a guest favorite from day one, and guests from all over agree that it’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. Amber S. from Celina says, “You get soaked from head to toe!” Abby P. from North Richland Hills adds, “It’s super splashy!” Jessica G. from Brooklyn, NY, enjoys the ride because it’s “refreshing family fun,” and Wes C. from Garland says, “it’s the surest way to get wet the fastest.” Angela T. from Jacksonville sums it all up by saying, “You get wet ON the ride, and again when you exit the ride.”

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