Ride Profile: El Aserradero

Make a splash on our classic log ride

El Aserradero is a tried and true old favorite at Six Flags Over Texas. Your log-shaped boat will float along a twisted river, propelled by water, and then make a big splash into the pool at the bottom. It’s a great way to cool off during a hot Texas summer day.

El Aserradero has been keeping guests wet and cool since 1963, making it the world’s first log flume ride. It was so popular that a second flume was opened in 1968, and the flumes are now referred to as Flume 1 and Flume 2. Guests will first load 2-4 riders at a time, into a hollow log-shaped boat. Each flume has one opening conveyor lift hill that gives the log the energy it needs to float through the curved and twisted course. The second lift hill at the finale of the ride sends guests splashing down the hill into a large pool at the bottom of the ride. And don’t forget to smile on your way down, because as you fall down the hill, a camera will snap your photo, which is available for purchase at the KODAK booth outside the ride.

The ride is manufactured by Arrow Development and designed by Bud Hurlbut. El Aserradero means “The Sawmill” in Spanish, and the concept for the ride is inspired by lumberjacks transporting logs down a flume. Lumberjacks often used flowing water to propel lumber down hills and rocky terrain to a sawmill.

El Aserradero has remained a classic favorite and continues to make a big splash with guests. Amy K. from Mansfield says, “You get just enough water on you to feel refreshed but not soaked.” Jeff S. from Arlington adds, “It’s lots of fun, shaded, not too wet, and the perfect solution for some fun with the kids.” Bennett A. from Dallas advises, “Sit in the right place and you’ll get splashed with a lot of water,” and Tracy S. from Edmond agrees, “If you are in the front, [it’s] fun coming off the ride drenched!” Susan C. from Henderson also enjoys El Aserradero because “you get cool really fast.”

El Aserradero is located in the Mexico and Spain section of the park. What do you think of this classic flume ride?

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