About The Park

The first Six Flags theme park in China will be located in Haiyan in Zhejiang province and will feature a number of record-breaking roller coasters, unique thrill experiences, incredible live shows and more. Specific attractions have not yet been announced, but more information will be provided here as soon as it is available.

Construction Progress

Waterpark Images

Six Flags is to open in July 2020 its first water park in China. The upcoming water park is part of Six Flags’ efforts in developing the Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town, which the company hopes will become a world-class tourist resort.

Renderings of the Site

Location of the Park

Six Flags will be located in Haiyan, right on the coast of Hangzhou Bay, in the province of Zhejiang. The park is approximately 45 miles from downtown Shanghai. You can adjust the map below to view different perspectives of the park’s location.

Video of Six Flags Attractions